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⏰ Dark Screen Nature Sounds: Ambient Water and Birdsong Sounds for Sleeping, Black Screen - Alarm!

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If you can't sleep or need to study, try this relaxing black screen 10 hour nature video featuring water sounds and singing birds in the background with wake up alarm. How to fall asleep fast! Try 10 hours of relaxing nature water sounds video for sleeping or studying. This relaxing nature features a dark screen and a gentle stream/creek/river. 10 hours of water sounds for sleeping. Enjoy and let me know if it helped you fall asleep fast in the comments below. Nature sounds are the best free white noise sleep hacks you can find. Try it! (Naturaleza sonidos)

✔ I make a normal version, and a black screen version, of all my videos.

Would you like to sleep to this AND be woken up at the end? You can! This video has a black screen and an ALARM built into the end. This relaxing sleep sound can help you block out that ambient noise so you can get some rest and calm you mind. It is very helpful for focusing your mind when you need to study, do homework, or even just read. If you have some insomnia, you should give it a try. Enjoy the black screen with wake up alarm.

Jump to 1 hour left. Click here: ➝ 09:00:00
Jump to 6 hours left. Click here: ➝ 04:00:00
Jump to 8 hours left. Click here: ➝ 02:00:00
Click here to hear the alarm sound: ➝ 09:59:58

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4. Rain on a Tent with Thunder ►
5. Seaside Storm, No Thunder ►

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This dark screen rain sound/video is copyrighted © 2018 SleepDroid Studios LLC,

⏰ ⏰ Dark Screen Nature Sounds: Ambient Water and Birdsong Sounds for Sleeping, Black Screen - Alarm!

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