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Apple iMovie, Newborn

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Newborn, from Apple iMovie, accompanied by an animated graphical score.

Q: What is this music?
A: I heard this recording in a math video, and wondered what it was. To find out, I tried posting it as the soundtrack of a YouTube video and asked whether anybody knew what it was. YouTube viewer Caleb Carman told me that it was audio that Apple had included as a royalty-free audio track in their iMovie software. I searched around a bit, and found that Paul Barton had gotten Doug Gould to transcribe it for inclusion in his tutorial ...
The sheet music is here ...

Q: I appreciate the animated graphical scores you make; how can I support your work?
A: Thank you! The easiest way to support my work is by contributing via Patreon:
If you'd like to help in more specific way, consider this:

Q: Could you please do a video of _______?
A: Please see this:

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