CAMBODIA THE DIRTY WAY ROUND 4: The tiger trail -cемейный портал для родителей о детях
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Описание Cambodia the dirty way round. In the last episode we rode the west coast from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong, and it was wet and wild in more ways than one. Waterfalls, a village on a cool rocky river, lunch on the beach, and plenty of wet tracks and water crossings to keep us on our toes. And all finished off with a bit of road racing with our Cambodian dirt riding. Sweet! Luxury. This beautiful riverside hotel shows the influence of France when they colonised Cambodia for over fifty years, and you have to wonder what the Frenchies made of this green wet tropical land. Today we are heading inland to Kamou where we'll be staying in more traditional Cambodian style accommodation. And what better way to kick off a new day by conserving our front tyre rubber. This concrete highway winds its way through a mountain range with spectacular views along the way. Chris Perry gets a little lost and tries to take the old bridge across the river. Then he gets even more confused and can't find the way back. He finally gets it sorted and we push on with Cambodia Motorbike Tours.

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Actually Chris had frequent navigational issues and often couldn't work out how to cross a shallow river with Cambodia Motorbike Tours. The locals show him it ain't that hard if you think about it. More dangerous than the tigers and snakes is the bamboo. This is regularly cut back in a way that leaves sharp ends exposed. These are no problem for the locals but a dirt rider spearing off the track could wind up skewered on the bamboo. It's lucky we have a trained medic as we are a gazillion miles away from the nearest medical service. The tiger trail is hot and humid and we stop when one of the guys overheats from pulling his bike out of mud holes with Cambodian dirt riding. On the second half of the tiger trail, Chris and Emma shoot ahead and it turns into a jungle race where I barely avoid shitting myself trying to keep up. Man those guys are fast! It will appear in one of our upcoming supporter vids.

We've ridden past so many temples with Cambodia Motorbike Tours, now we finally get to explore one. As usual I haven't listened to the rider briefing so pop a wheelie on the long driveway. I'm not sure if wheelies are allowed in Buddhism but I'm sure they would be pretty chilled about it anyway. The fourth largest religion in the world, Buddhism is also one of the most peaceful and has rarely been used to inspire violence and hatred unlike all the other major religions. It's all about moving toward nirvana as you get reincarnated. You might start as a monkey, then a lowly KTM rider, then work though the Japanese models and eventually a Beta then nirvana. Buddhism also has something to do with the sound of one hand clapping or a one stroke engine firing.This temple also includes a memorial to the various killing methods of the Kymher rouge, those sick fucks who deliberately murdered a quarter of the Cambodian population in the 1970s. Up to three million were killed, and many by the most gruesome forms of torture you could imagine. I suspect the peaceful nature of Buddhism has much to do with how far the country has healed itself since those horrors and the presence of old embattlements is a reminder of Cambodia's war torn past. I could see the massive respect our tour leaders have for the local people as wherever we went they were striiking up conversations with the locals.

On to more pleasant topics, it's time to head for our more traditional accommodation for the night with Cambodia Motorbike Tours. Special rehydration beers are cracked open as our weary troops arrive. Our amazing support crew prepare to work on our bikes into the night.... And I retire to my swing with a rehydratory beer. Goodnight Cambodia.

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