Meditative Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation, Quiet Time 1 Hour: Flowing Water -cемейный портал для родителей о детях
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Meditative Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation, Quiet Time 1 Hour: Flowing Water

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Gentle sounds of flowing waterfalls will help soothe your mind and body with 1 hour of quiet time. Relax, calm and close your eyes.

The start of my new playlist, "Meditative Sounds", will be captures of sounds from nature that specifically involves water, birds, rain, etc. I enjoy being in nature to escape and embrace the hands of mother nature at play. While I am in nature, I enjoy photographing landscapes, capturing recordings of sounds around me, and sitting in the sunlight to wait for the sun to set.

In life, we have optimal times to devote ourselves to focus. We must remember to give time to unwind and relax into quietness.

I personally enjoy listening to sounds of water at night prior to going to sleep to free my mind of thoughts and prepare my body to rest. I listen to ocean and rivers when I am doing other tasks during the day. I consider myself a water baby.

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