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OMG, Newborn baby Donny nearly drown because Dana keep carry baby under chest to swim

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Group of monkey in Amari group is so happy because they could enjoy swimming after a hot day in front of Bayon Temple. Even the water is not clean but is still okay to swim. Especially Sweetpea he really excited to go for swimming. Sweetpea look so fat now, did he?

Not only Sweetpea but Jessie, Lori and the rest of the group are playing together in the water. Lori still scare of water, she jump then get out of the water so quickly. Pigtail Ashley come to join the group and supervise Lori. Ashley is the bigger monkey in the pond now.

Jessie need her mother help to go swimming, Sasha put her baby on the back and start to swim. New king AChap is there as well and try to take advantage of Ashley in the water.

OMG, mother Dana is arrived and she bring her baby to swim, too. But she is so lunatic because she put her baby her chest then go under for water for a few seconds. Baby Donny is so scaring because he is too young. I'm just afraid he will drowning if mom continue swim longer. Lucky, baby is safe but weak and terrified.

5:52 Dana take baby to swim for the first time to start
6:33 Sweetpea catch Jessie to swim and play with him
7:00 OMG, why mom take baby under chest and swim like this, Donny near drown.

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