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Relaxing Rain Sounds on the Lake for Sleep, Meditation, Study or Soothing a Baby

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Relaxing rain sounds on the lake for sleep, meditation, study, reading or soothing a baby. Allow this calming rainfall video to create a peaceful ambience for relaxation. Nature sounds are great for relieving stress and anxiety so that you can relax and sleep better at night. These relaxing sounds create natural white noise that can help relieve insomnia and treat tinnitus symptoms or even soothe a crying baby. White noise combines all the different sound frequencies into one which helps your mind switch off as it can no longer detect any patterns. Your mind is programmed to detect patterns in the environment, which is usually fine, however, when trying to fall asleep at night this can become a problem. These soothing sounds are also great for reading or studying as they will help minimise distracting background noises. We hope you enjoy this relaxing rain video by the lake. Please share with family and friends if they have sleeping problems.

Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds

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